Green Leaf provides quality care for all of our customers' tree & landscape needs.

We uphold the highest of standards established by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our staff maintains certification and continued education within the green industry to provide you with the most current information and best practices.

Samples of Green Leaf's Handiwork

Trimmed palm trees Trimmed palm trees

Palms before and after.More beautifully trimmed palms.

before lacing

Before: This tree has become heavy with leaves and its branch formation can no longer be clearly seen.

working in the tree

During: Green Leaf's crew really gets into their work!

after lacing

After: Lacing lightens up the weight and shows off the shape of the tree.

before crown thinning

Before: This tree has a lovely shape but has become unkempt from lack of pruning.

after crown thinning

After: Crown thinning reveals the beautiful underlying structure of the branches.

Green Leaf Education Photo Gallery

safety training

Safety training is an annual event at Green Leaf

Jumping aboard in case of downed power lines Proper positioning of the bucket lift when extended.

Practice jumping aboard in case of downed power lines.Properly positioning the bucket lift when it is extended.