Green Leaf provides quality care for all of our customers' tree & landscape needs.

We uphold the highest of standards established by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our staff maintains certification and continued education within the green industry to provide you with the most current information and best practices.

Services: the terms below describe various aspects of tree trimming and care.

Crown Reduction - This is a method of reducing the height of a tree by cutting branches to laterals (side or offshoot branches) that are large enough to support the future growth of the limb.

Crown Restoration - This is the method of restoring the natural growth habit of a tree that has been topped, or has suffered storm damage.

Crown Thinning - This term, along with 'crown cleaning,' refers to the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing and hazardous branches. This also includes the removal of water sprouts from a tree. Similar terms such as lacing and shaping all allow filtered light through the tree.

Fertilizing - Winter is a time of hidden growth for trees. This is when roots grow deeper and trees gather energy for their spring blooming, and a perfect time to fertilize. Greenleaf offers fertilizing services to help keep your trees healthy.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming - Many properties have hedges and mature shrubs marking their boundaries and need the proper equipment and skills to maintain their health and beauty.

Monthly Landscape Maintenance - Maintaining a beautiful, green & lush landscape on your property protects your financial investment and enhances quality of life. Our full range of landscape maintenance services includes:

  • Turf maintenance
  • Landscape irrigation technicians
  • Re-design and renovation of landscaping
  • Pest control
  • Flower installation programs

Palm Trimming & Skinning - Palm trees require regular trimming to remove dead fronds and seed pods. The amount of trimming is specified by the customer and usually ranges from only dead fronds to all but a few green ones.

Canary Island Palms and various other date palms maintain their health by removal of dead fronds. They can also be shaped in the traditional pineapple style. Palm skinning is the process of removing the shaggy ends of the Fan Palm stalks (called "boots") that are still attached to the trunk, leaving a cleaner, more aesthetic trunk silhouette.

Plant Health Care & Consultation - Our newest division provides access to county professionals in the field of plant biology and on-going research with local agricultural issues managed by our certified arborists, on staff.

Planting - Planting of new shrubs and trees from 15 gallon size to 48 inch box. Mature specimen trees can also be planted and are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Stump Grinding - Typically a stump cut to "ground level" still remains anywhere from 2-6 inches above the soil, depending on the width of the trunk. This is due to the size of the chainsaw (and handle). Stump grinders are designed to work in soil, going as deep as 18 inches and reducing stumps to sawdust. It can also include root chasing, which is the removal of shallow roots growing laterally out from the original trunk.

Tree Removal - The complete and safe removal of an unwanted tree to ground level. Large branches and logs are secured using ropes and safely lowered to the ground. This is an important technique, especially when the tree is near buildings or structures that could potentially be damaged. Cranes are also used in special cases where lowering large pieces of wood is not an option.

Weed Abatement & Fire Safety Clearance - We have provided this service throughout the county to our HOA clients as well as for private properties, to maintain the current county ordinance requirements for fire clearance and safety.